We analyze your existing workflows, infrastructure design and help you build a customized Devops Strategy and Automation Roadmap.


We specialize in building scalable, fault tolerant, resilient, high available self healing infrastructures on public and private clouds such as AWS, Openstack, Azure, GCE, Containers.


Automation is our passion. Server Provisioning, Configuration Management, Continuous Integration, Deployments, Testing, we automate it all.


We help you set up centralized consoles to monitor Systems and Applications Health, Measure Performance and Monitor Logs.


We provide remote administration, management and day to day operations support to keep the lights on with your critical infrastructure.


We conduct hands on workshops on devops tools such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Docker, AWS, Jenkins to prepare the IT professionals for the future.

Tools of the Trade

About Us

We are a team of passionate devops professionals

About Initcron Systems

Initcron Systems was founded in 2012 with the vision to be the best provider of devops services for the internet companies around the world. The name Initcron is a combination of init which is the first process on the Unix system, signifies being the first one in, and cron which is again is a unix utility which signifies the time. We want to be the thought leaders, the initiators, and be at the right place at right time.

Initcron has exclusively worked with variety of startups and helped them accelerate the product development by building solid, scalable web infrastructures, automating the workflows and maintaining it.

Gourav Shah, Founder

Ops guy turned transformed into a devops expert, Gourav heads the devops practice at Initcron Systems. He is passionate about building cloud based infrastructure, automating it and making it scale. He also runs a training venture School of Devops , has trained devops professionals from top tech companies.

Our Book

Ansible Playbook Essentials is a book authorised by Gourav Shah. Its a step by step guide to learn how to write automation code in the form of playbooks using Ansible.